Samoan tattoo

The tattoos are used on the bodies from thousands of years. It is proved with the help of uncovered mummies as they also have tattoo on their bodies. The new tattoo designs are also very much popular as well as having great attraction but it is also very attractive to have a look at Samoan tattoo designs. These are ancient tattoo designs, but when you use the latest equipment with these old designs it becomes a master piece. You should know some of the history of these tattoo designs to know exactly why they are so fascinating.

Samoan tattoos are developed nearly around 2,000 years ago in Polynesia. In this country there are people who are known for their lust of having tattoos on their body. The amazing thing is that no one knows how but their body art still available as their heritage. According to their legend this art was introduced to them by Tilafaiga and Teama, two women. After that it becomes a part of their tradition as well as culture. In their tribe men and women both love to have tattoo on their body.

These Samoan tattoos in their tribe are also used as a status symbol. The larger and the brighter tattoo a person is having on his body mean that he is having a higher status in this society. In case of gender it is also very much decided that men is having larger tattoo as compare to women.

It is almost a compulsion for all men of the society to have a tattoo on their bodies. It is said that when the boy`s body is thought to be stop growing, a tattoo ceremony was held to have tattoo on their bodies. So there is rich variety of Samoan tattoos available that you can select from. You only have to make some good search. Good luck!