Maori Tattoos

Maori tattoos are usually used at personal level to show about the personal heritage of the carrier. These tattoos are of curvy spiral shapes having complicated patterns. A commonly used shape for these kind of tattoos is “Koru” that is related to New Zealand fern. When the young branch leaf unfolds then it called “Koru”. So for the Maori, this “Koru” means the renewal or start of new life. When you look at “Koru” you feel why Maori, have recognized this unfolding leaf with strength and vitality, values of youth, family care and life unfolding.

Traditionally these Maori designs include the scared symbols. These Maori tattoos are also a personal identification of these Maori people. When their tattoos are used by other people just for the sake of fashion or trend, these Maori people take it as stealing of their identity.

Mostly the Maori people have their tattoos on their face, and that for the purpose of telling other that that they are, i.e. their tribe, status and family with in a special area grouping. Different shapes are used for showing heritage by these Maori people.

These Maori tattoos are becoming most popular tattoo designs around the world. If you take tattoo designs of Maori people without thinking about the cultural sensitivities, then it very disrespectful. These sacred designs cannot be just taken for fashion purposes.

You must have to get the Maori tattoo without the symbolic attachment. When you have decided about getting these tattoos done then you must have to find an expert tattoo designer, who know the Maori culture well. If you wanted to have a unique piece then you should incorporate tribal, celtic, as well as Maori styles. If you are a mixed race person, then the best way to portray your heritage is by combining styles from both races.