Dragonfly tattoo

If you are interested in having tattoo on your body, then you must be searching some sites for that purpose. You may have look different tattoos but have you looked at dragonfly tattoo. This is not a very popular tattoo and not many people are having it on their bodies, but recently it caught the attention of many people. There are various designs for this tattoo that you can adopt according to your liking.
First of all it is important for you to know that what dragonfly tattoo is. Some women think of these tattoos as an alternative of having a butterfly tattoo. But this is not only that, these are very hard and incredible quick insects. These are mostly present in the warmer climates and if any one sees them in colder climates, then it is a surprise for them.
Mostly you can see that these tattoos are designed on the inner side of wrist this way, if you want to hide the tattoo then you can do it easily. You can also have this dragonfly tattoo on foot. This is actually very much popular among women. Mostly this is designed on the top yet near the outer edge of foot. It is preferred to have smaller size but multi colored tattoo, because this looks really great as well as attractive. Another body part where you can see this tattoo is on the hip. This is however not a perfect place of your body to have this tattoo, but still there are many women who are interested to have this tattoo on their hips. So if you are looking to get one of this kind then the perfect place is to get it on your foot as it looks too good to the on looker. Good luck!